Are you trying to convince your spouse that building a log cabin is the way to go? Hopefully these 8 reasons can be the swaying point of your debate!

  1. Longevity.  Log cabin homes will last for decades, especially if you properly maintain it.
  2. Affordability.   Thanks to an assortment of pricing options, there are log cabin kits and homes available that will fit just about any budget.
  3. Efficiency.  Log cabin homes allow you to stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer without breaking the bank on the electric bill.
  4. Tranquility.  Log cabin homes are often built on a vast land space or in the woods.  The peace and quiet provided by a log cabin home will mean a better night’s sleep, an easier place to work and a chance to truly unwind after a long day.
  5. Individuality.   Some people incorrectly assume that it is difficult to decorate and augment a log cabin home.  However, if you purchase the right log cabin kit, the interior decorating options of your log cabin home will only be limited by your imagination.
  6. Reactive.  Wood chinks, bugs and other potential issues are easy to spot in a log cabin home, and thus you will be able to react quickly to any potential problems.
  7. Woodwork.  The craftsmanship of a log cabin home will make heads turn twice as onlookers are awestruck by the beautifully constructed home.
  8. Sunlight.  Building your log cabin home in an opportunistic location will allow you take advantage of natural sunlight.  The log walls act will act as thermal collectors and release heat into your home throughout the day.