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TimberLand Log Homes
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We are located in Pittsfield, PA on Route 6 between Youngsville and Corry.

Log Cabin Kit | Models 100-105

Log homes are warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

6" x  8" Kiln dried Eastern White Pine or 8" x  6" Kiln dried Eastern White Pine tongue and grooved, contoured exterior with plumb interior. The exterior of all logs have a drip edge allowing water to run directly to the ground. White Pine logs come in 8,10, 12,14 and 16 foot lengths.

Logs are cut to fit on the job site to eliminate mistakes and delays. Due to the high toxicity of commonly used preservatives, TimberLand Log Homes are not pretreated. We recommend that the preservative be applied after the log shell has been erected not only to eliminate the danger but to provide a better shell seal. Logs are delivered to the job site on our own trucks. Our Geographical location cuts down on delivery costs. A company engineer will be sent to your site to help you get started in your log home.

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